Thursday, January 5, 2017

Activity 74: Momentum Seminar Problems 5-8 & Momentum Problem Set #2

Activity 73.10

Read Section 8.3 in the textbook.  The basic concept here is straightforward.

  • The total Momentum (summation of all mv's) in a closed system never changes
  • Momentum is a vector,  the direction of the velocity matters.  If you have a head on collision between two moving objects then before the collision one object will have a positive velocity and the other a negative velocity so the total momentum before the collision must equal                    ( m1v1) + ( m2(-v2))
  • That total momentum will equal the momentum of the system after the collision.

Pick up a paper copy of these Momentum Seminar Problems 5-8.   As you work through them you can watch this video for an explanation on how to solve them.

The answer key can be found here.

Activity 69.20

Pick up a paper copy of momentum problem set #2.  When done review your answers here.

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