Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Activity 70: Introduction to Circular Motion

Read the notes below on the definition of a radian, and the definition of angular velocity.  We can think of an angular change in circular motion in either degrees or radians.  They can be converted from one to another with the conversion formula 2(Pi)r = 360 degrees.

As we move through our study of circular motion you should quickly see the benefit of viewing angular changes in radians rather than degrees.

Remember when using your calculator with radians to set the mode from degrees to radians in your calculator.

Take a look at problems 1,2,3,4, & 5  at the end of the section.  Check your answers here....

Circular Motion Unit Learning Objectives

Rotation Angle and Angular Velocity

Greek Alphabet

Angle Measurement in Radians not Degrees


r = radius

Radian = s/r

Linear Velocity 

                           Δs = rΔθ 

Linear Velocity = radius times angular velocity

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