Monday, November 7, 2016

Assignment 29 - Introduction to Newton's Laws

Force  - Any push or pull on an object

Dynamics  - Study of forces that cause objects or systems to move.

Mass - A measure of the amount of stuff in an object.  The more mass an object has,  the more it is resistant to a change in its motion. An object's resistance to change in motion is called inertia and this inertia is directly proportional to an object's mass. 

Newton's First Law of Motion

A body at rest remains at rest, or, if in motion will, remains in motion at a constant velocity unless acted on by an external force.  

The acceleration of a system is directly proportional to and in the same direction sat the net external force acting on a system, and inversely proportional to its mass.

              Fnet = ma  

Units of force: 1 Newton is the force necessary to to acceleration 1kg at a rate of 1 m/s/s.

            1N = 1kg m/s/s

Weight is a force where g is the acceleration due to gravity.

             w = mg

The weight of a 1 kg object is :
                    w = 1kg x 9.8 m/s/s = 9.8N

Assignment 29.10

Types of forces
Pick up a paper copy and review the list of "contact" and "at a distance forces".  Pick up a paper copy and review the list of forces.

Free Body Diagrams
Pick up a copy of this document on free body diagrams and answer it's question.  When done, review your answers here.

Assignment 29.20

Read pages 127 - 136 , sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 in the textbook

Answer questions 
1,2,3 , 5 on page 161 in the textbook.  Review your answers here.

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