Friday, September 23, 2016

Activity 9B - Random Velocity Questions

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Two cars start in two cities 400 km apart, and head straight towards one another.    Car one goes 40 km/hr, and car two goes 60 km/hr.  A bee which flies at 150 km/hr constantly travels from one car to another, until the cars meet.   How far does the bee fly in total.

John drives 40 miles at an average speed of  55 mph, and then drives at  65 miles at an average speed of  100 mph.   The average speed of the car for the 120 mile trip is?

On a camping trip, Steve walks 3 miles north in 8 hours, and then 4 miles east in 6 hours.  What is the size of Steve’s average velocity?

John is racing his little brother Billy.  John can run at  30 km/hr, and Billy can run at 12 km/hr. What is the minimum head start Billy needs in order to win a 10K race?

For the velocity vector pictured below the object starts at position 0:

              Estimate  the displacement of this object after 6 seconds

              How far does the object travel.

               When is the object the furthest from the origin 

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