Sunday, September 4, 2016

Activity 3 Data Analysis

Objective:  After completing this activity student should:
Be able to identify linear, inverse, and quadratic data relationships.  TA

Activity 3.05  Download and install logger pro.


  1. Download the Logger Pro 3 installer on your computer
  2. Run the Logger Pro 3 installer
  3. When prompted for a password, type exploration

Logger Pro 3 Installer Downloads

Choose one of the following downloads below:

Password for Logger Pro 3

During the installation process, you may need a password.
The password is: exploration

Activity  3.10

Read slope of a line. (31)

Watch this video below on linear (direct) relationships, and inverse relationships.

Activity 3.10



None: slope = 0
  • Direct Linear:  y = mx+b
  • Direct Proportion: y = mx

  • Inverse:  y = k/x
  • Negative Slope
Square Relations:

y = mx^2

y^2 = mx

Logger Pro Demonstration

Activity 3.30

Read the Circular Relationship exercise.   Make an electronic copy of this exercise in google docs and share it with me.  Answer all the questions on the first page before you come to class on Tuesday.

Activity 3.40

Complete the Circular Relationship exercise as a group and share it with your teacher.

Activity 3.50

Complete this Math Review and check your answers here.

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