Thursday, September 1, 2016

Activity 2 - Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis

 Class notes:  Introduction to Dimensional Analysis

Activity 2.10

Watch the 2 video's below on dimensional analysis:
  video 1
  video 2

Read the examples in this handout (12) and do the two problems in the handout.  Post your answers in this form. (16)

Activity 2.20

Read sections 1.3 & 1.4   in the College physics Textbook.  Pages 25 - 30.

Answer the following 3 questions.

37.  To convert 1.8 h to minutes, by what conversion factor should you multiply?

67. Convert each of the following measurements to meters.
a. 42.3 cm
b. 6.2 pm
c. 21 km
d. 0.023 mm
e. 214 m
f. 57 nm

74. Dimensional Analysis : Pressure is measured in
pascals, where 1 Pa 1 kg/ms^2. Will the following
expression give a pressure in the correct units?

(0.55 kg)(2.1 m/s)
     9.8 m/s2

When done with these questions: 
- Check your answers against this answer key Chapter 1 answer key  

Complete this dimensional analysis worksheet, check your answers here 
Activity 2.30

Warm-Up: Complete the first problem in this dimensional analysis jabberwocky (30) and  hand in the completed analysis on paper.    You do not need to complete the "spaceship" question.

Activity 2.40  -  Classwork: Accuracy & Precision

Complete this accuracy & precision worksheet .  Do the work in the worksheet and hand in your work.  Refer to section 1.3 in the textbook for definitions of accuracy and precision.

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